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Sustainable manufacturing and its impact on environment feature on top of our business responsibilities. We are conscientious in our approach towards each aspect of our business, implementing international norms as a daily practice. This allows us to minimally impact the environment and in turn provide a balanced working environment to those who work for us.

Suppliers who meet our own vision of ecological compliances are vital to our growth and progress.  

We have been audited / certified with the following accreditations:

IS0 14001

We are certified with 14001:2015 Environmental management system 

ISO 9001

The world's most widely recognised

Quality Management System (QMS)

ISO 45001

 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series


Applying socially acceptable practices in the workplace


For managing ethical and responsible practices in our supply chain


For following social compliance in our facility and supply chain 


Accredited by the Government of India for our performance in exports over the past 2 decades

Fair trade

Responsible sourcing with suppliers paying fair wages and providing safe working conditions


Our facility is certified for manufacturing and exporting organic cotton garments as per GOTS

Global recycle standard

We are GRS certified to manufacture articles from environmentally friendly and ethically sources recycled polyester

oek0 -TEX


For following environmentally friendly production practises

PPE Manufacturing & Certificates

FDA Certified

Manufacturing, Supply and Export of Personal Protective Equipment as per FDA Standards

CE Certified

Manufacturing, Supply and Export of Personal Protective Equipment as per CE Standards

ISO 13485:2016

PPE manufactured as per required Quality Management System

GMP Certified

Good Manufacturing Practises followed for coverall manufacturing

Further Audits & Certificates

We at Qualiance take care of our workers & environment and insist upon our suppliers and sub suppliers to care for sustainable, social and ethical standards. 

Qualiance is certified and guarantee that production processes are socially, ethically and environmentally sustainable.


Qualiance ensures that following core ILO Conventions are met at our factory

  •           ILO agreement no. 29 on forced and compulsory labour

  •           ILO agreement no. 87 on freedom of association and protection of the right to organise

  •           ILO agreement no. 98 on right to organise and collective bargaining

  •           ILO agreement no. 100 about the equal remuneration for male and female staff for equivalent work

  •           ILO agreement no. 105 about the abolition of forced labour

  •           ILO agreement no. 111 about the discrimination (employment and occupation)

  •           ILO agreement no. 138 on the minimum age for admission to employment and work.

  •           ILO agreement no. 182 on prohibition and immediate action for the elimination of the worst forms of child labour


Qualiance ensures that its factory is always equipped with best available Safety & Security Standards to ensure that there is no occupational or safety hazard. We have equipped our factory and workers with….

  •           A Spacious Factory Layout with well-marked Emergency Exits

  •           Smoke Detectors, Fire & Yard Hydrants, Fire Alarm System, Sprinkler System

  •           Well maintained machinery, equipment and electrical wiring

  •           Protective Clothing, Equipment & Mechanism

  •           First Aid Kits on each floor

  •           Personnel trained in administering First Aid

  •           Fire Training

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